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Recipe of cake of Hokkaido relative wind

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Cake of Hokkaido relative wind] (referenced heft: 12) prescription comes from Jun Zhi, burden: Egg 4, low muscle flour 35 grams, fine saccharic 50 grams (join egg white in) , fine saccharic 30 grams (join yoke in) , salad oil 30 grams, milk 30 grams, bake: Oven middle-level, fluctuation fire 180 degrees, about 15 minutes. , burden of vanilla cream stuffing: Milk 200 grams, fine saccharic 50 grams, yoke 2, corn is amylaceous 10 grams, low muscle flour 10 grams, sweetgrass essence number drips, 100ML of animal sex weak butter

Directions of Cake recipes: Cake of Hokkaido relative wind

Hokkaido relative wind makes a process
One, yoke paste makes:
Low pink sift out reserves;
Milk + candy agitate dissolves to candy, one spoon spoon joins salad oil;
Edge border moves eggbeater to hit with the hand (if use dynamoelectric word to use low speed agitate) , hit to into rare rice water like even liquid;
The sieve is entered mix inside pink divide evenly;
The yoke that joins break up finally uses eggbeater gently agitate divide evenly is become namely.
2, oven 180 degrees of warm-up, dismiss albumen: Make protein to with dynamoelectric eggbeater high speed have thick bubble, divide high speed that add candy to be hit to next show wet sex epispastic turn again low speed is hit to drying epispastic (bubble of albumen of inverse glazed earthen basin does not fall down, endure with all one"s might of aiguille of the albumen on eggbeater) .
3, mix paste of divide evenly albumen and yoke are burnt: The albumen bubble of preferential 1/3 comes scoop from basin bottom in yoke paste break up quickly mix, in answering yoke paste albumen bubble basin entirely again, mix even cake batter.
4, load panada paper cup, 5, 6 into full can. Must not install too completely. It is good to be put into warm-up 180 degrees oven, bake bake 15 minutes are controlled, to the surface golden can give heat.
5, after waiting for cake to cool, the back up that uses roundlet opening spends the mouth from which insert cake interior, stuffing of cream of interiorly impact vanilla. Squeeze cake surface to be roused slightly can. Pull out after back up spends the mouth, vanilla cream stuffing can spill over a little in the surface a bit, form a roundlet bit.
Vanilla cream stuffing makes:
1, yoke is hit with eggbeater thick stiff, color becomes white slightly.
2, mixture sift out of low muscle flour and jade rice starch is papered into yoke in.
3, with eggbeater gently agitate, make flour and yoke paste mix even.
4, milk adds candy, enter a grandma boil in boiler to boiling. The milk boil in the slowly yoke panada that pours 1/3 to had been done into the 3rd pace. The edge pours the agitate with ceaseless edge, prevent yoke panada to agglomerate.
5, pour the milk of 1/3 into yoke panada and after mix is even, good agitate yoke panada answers milk boiler entirely in. Mix gently divide evenly, add essence of life of a few herb.
6, grandma boiler heats with small fire afresh, the edge heats by the side of ceaseless agitate, till panada boiling, become thick stiff hind, leave anger instantly. Breed the egg that has cooked mud falls to sit in the bowl that puts water on the ice immediately.
7, keep the egg breast mud that agitate teem comes to, make the egg breeds mud holds exquisite and smooth position, do not agglomerate, do not have a knot in one"s heart. Agitate cools almost to egg breast mud when, with last velar lid rises, put in freezer.
8, after breeding when the egg mud becomes icy, dismiss the animal sex weak butter of 100ML to the position that can hold figure, with the egg lacteal mud mixes, mix with rubber drawknife divide evenly, vanilla cream stuffing has been done.

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